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Night Driving Playlist

I made a playlist of songs to drive to at night last week.

I tried to make it as a story. You set out with a purpose. You encounter some obstacles. It is up to you if you get past them. At the end you hopefully have learned something and you are glad to return home.

  1. Nightcall: by Kavinski (from the Drive Soundtrack)
  2. Threshold: by Steve Miller. (The intro to Fly Like an Eagle)
  3. Midnight City: by M83
  4. A Real Hero: from the Drive soundtrack
  5. Under Your Spell: from the Drive soundtrack
  6. Space Intro: by Steve Miller (The intro to Jet Airliner)
  7. Punching in a Dream: by The Naked and the Famous
  8. We Aite: by Kid Cudi
  9. Sprawl II: by Arcade Fire
  10. Sweet Disposition: by The Temper Trap
  11. Finally Moving: by Pretty Lights
  12. Walking on a Dream: by Empirer of the Sun
  13. Nightmares of the Bottom: by Lil Wayne
  14. Girlfriend: by Phoenix
  15. Goodnight, Travel Well: by The Killers
  16. Electric Feel: by MGMT
  17. Drift Away: by Pretty Lights
  18. Looking For Love: by Pretty Lights
  19. Mr. Rager: by Kid Cudi
  20. Day N Nite: by Kid Cudi
  21. Street Lights: by Kanye West (to send you off on a hopeful note after a night of driving, hopefully you have made it back home safe)



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